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What to know about knee arthroscopy
Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure performed through small incisions, generally used to diagnose or treat joint problems. In other words, arthroscopy is to view the inside of the joint. Using a half-centimeter-thick fiber optic camera and devices, the inside of the joint structure is imaged on the monitor. With arthroscopy, the problem in the joint...
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Things to Know About Scoliosis
Scoliosis, also known as spinal curvature, is a condition that occurs when the spine bends to one side and can affect people of all ages, from infants to adults. The incidence of scoliosis in the community is around 2%-3%. It occurs equally in men and women. However, it is known that the condition can be...
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Robotic Surgery in Knee Prosthesis Surgery
Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of knee pain. Today, there is no treatment that eliminates calcification. However, new treatment methods developed with technology continue to offer more successful results against knee pain day by day. Knee prosthesis surgeries performed with robotic technology are one of these latest developments. In traditional knee replacement surgeries, the...
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