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Length Extension Center
Recovery After Limb Lengthening Surgery
The lengthening process is started 1 week-10 days after the leg lengthening surgery. Thus, blood vessels and soft tissue of the bone in the osteotomy area, and surgical wounds are allowed to heal. At this stage, patient is allowed to walk using a walker. New bone formation and progress are followed with doctor controls and...
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Limb Lengthening Surgical Technique
Today in leg lengthening surgery, instead of external fixators, internal fixators that are placed inside the body (leg bone) and can be controlled from the outside are applied. There are also techniques in which both internal and external methods are combined. Internal methods with specially developed nails do not require external stabilization and therefore offer...
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Candidates for limb lengthening surgery
Limb lengthening surgeries can be performed from the age of 4-5 depending on the individual bone structure. Especially the limb lengthening in dwarfism should start at an early age. As the body ages, the formation of new bone tissue and the healing process become more difficult, so the age range of 20-45 is the ideal...
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