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Cerebral Palsy Clınıc

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11Cerebral Palsy Clınıc

Cerebral Palsy Clınıc

Cerebral palsy is a set of chronic diseases that begin in infancy or early childhood and proceed to mobility and developmental difficulties as a result of non-progressive brain abnormalities. Sensory, visual, cognitive, communication, and behavioral impairments, epilepsy, and secondary bone, muscle, and joint abnormalities are all common in Cerebral Palsy.

The goal of cerebral palsy therapy is to detect functional and anatomical abnormalities in the body, take essential measures, reduce mobility constraints, improve abilities, and enhance social involvement.

You may learn more about Cerebral Palsy by visiting our website.

In the field of cerebral palsy rehabilitation, we at TURAN&TURAN bone, muscle, and joint health group are at the service of our patients with our skilled, friendly team and sophisticated technology infrastructure.

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