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Recovery After Lengthening Surgery

Recovery After Limb Lengthening Surgery

The lengthening process is started 1 week-10 days after the leg lengthening surgery. Thus, blood vessels and soft tissue of the bone in the osteotomy area, and surgical wounds are allowed to heal. At this stage, patient is allowed to walk using a walker. New bone formation and progress are followed with doctor controls and x-rays.  For average of 7-8 cm leg lengthening, approximately 4 months may be required for the complete healing and consolidation of the newly formed bone. At this stage, the patient should start walking using only a cane or without any assistive device. Now the patient begins to return to his practical life. Physiotherapy and doctor controls are important for the bone and surrounding tissue to adapt to the new formation and to improve mobility. It is possible to say that approximately 1 month of healing time is required for every 2 cm lengthening.

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