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What Is Limb Lengthening

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What Is Limb Lengthening

Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical operation performed by orthopedic specialists in order to lengthen the bones in the arms and legs and increase functionality. Leg lengthening surgery is performed for defects caused by leg length inequalities, poorly fused bone fractures as a result of unsuccessful treatment, congenital defects and developmental disorders, and aesthetic purposes.

What are the causes of limb lengthening surgery?

Although short stature is not seen as a disease, it can cause a person to feel uncomfortable and social, psychological and functional disadvantages on his/her life. Today, surgical limb lengthening methods can help to prevent these problems. Growth in length naturally takes place over the years during the growth and development process. However, genetic factors, hormonal reasons or chronic diseases can cause short stature.


When short stature causes physical dissatisfaction or psychological problems, the person needs professional help. When the leg lengthening surgery is decided, the lengthening process, which normally takes years, is performed within months. Patients who have undergone height lengthening begin to accept their height as normal after the surgery and they state that their social skills and self-confidence have improved. Most patients choose limb lengthening for cosmetic reasons.

Candidates for limb lengthening surgery

Limb lengthening surgeries can be performed from the age of 4-5 depending on the individual bone structure. Especially the limb lengthening in dwarfism should start at an early age. As the body ages, the formation of new bone tissue and the healing process become more difficult, so the age range of 20-45 is the ideal age for leg lengthening surgeries. A 10-15 cm increase in total height is possible with the lengthening surgery, but leg and body proportion should be considered.

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