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Robotic Full Knee Prosthesis

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Robotic Full Knee Prosthesis

The robotic joint prosthesis surgery system is a high-level technology that allows the surgeon to design and apply the most suitable prosthesis placement for the patient’s joint anatomy.

The robotic surgery system stands out as a new generation robotic technology in total knee joint prosthesis.

Since the new generation robotic surgery system does not require to preoperative tomography, patients are not exposed to additional radiation.

It provides simultaneous in one stage planning during the operation. It helps the prosthesis to be placed in the most accurate way with precise technical measurements and thin millimeter incisions.

How is the robotic surgery of the new generation for a total knee replacement?

The new generation robotic surgery system for the total knee replacement is a developed technology that can perform many complex orthopedic applications with more precision and accuracy than is possible with traditional techniques, provides maximum protection of healthy tissue, for all these reasons it is an advanced technology that is easy to use for patient and doctor.


The platform of the new generation robotic surgery system that does not require CT scans has surpassed other robotic surgical systems with its highly advanced technological features. During the operation, simultaneous 3D digital modeling of the knee joint is performed, as the surgeon can easily hold it in his hand like a robotic instrument.


The new generation robotic surgery system not only allows the surgeon to calculate and plan the operation according to the patient’s joint structure, but also ensures that bones incisions are made with total accuracy by using computer and robotic support together. When placement of the knee prosthesis, it prevents to exit from surgical planning.

The new generation robotic surgery system for the total knee replacement allows surgical planning according to the shape and movement of the knee joint. Since radiographic methods such as preoperative tomography applied in other robotic systems are not required in the new generation robotic surgery system, patients are not exposed to additional radiation.


In total knee replacement surgery, the surgeon creates a 3-dimensional model on a computer by mapping the surface of a patient’s knee joint using a robotic hand tool. Due to this mapping process, which is performed after the joint is opened and the calcification is cleaned during the surgery, the knee model is created. On this 3-dimensional digital joint model, the area where the prosthetic parts will be placed and the places to be cut are determined and marked. Fine technical details such as bone cutting proportions, prosthesis dimensions, prosthetic alignment and placement angles are calculated on the computer.

Considering the data obtained, the prosthesis is placed in the 3-dimensional digital knee joint model which is the only one characteristic of the new generation of robotic surgery system; the functional suitability of the prosthesis is evaluated and confirmed by performing soft tissue stability and kinematic analyzes at all angles of motion of the knee in the computer program.


The new generation robotic surgery system is a semi-active system. The new generation robotic technology works under the control of the surgeon and provides continuous feedback to the surgeon. This feedback is in the form of auditory, visual and vibration alerts. The new generation robotic surgery system performs the programmed task under the control of the surgeon’s control and prevents exit from it.

While the margin of error is eliminated by the new generation robotic surgery method for the total knee, the postoperative recovery process becomes more painless and easier. Walking with support is started on the same day after the surgery.

According to their general health status, patients return to their daily lives after a few weeks.


Advantages of robotic surgery of the new generation for total knee replacement

  • Use of advanced robotic technology
  • No additional radiation risk as it does not require tomography-
  • Creation of the same knee joint model that was opened during the surgery-
  • Precise technical detail calculation in 3-dimensional digital joint model-
  • Evaluation of the suitability of the prosthesis at all angles of movement of the knee-
  • Preventing unplanned errors with the sensitive robotic hand tool-
  • The robotic instrument used by the surgeon can easily hold it in his hand-
  • Guiding the surgeon visually, audibly and physically-
  • Protection of healthy bone tissue-
  • Faster and more painless recovery-
  • The ability to return to daily life more quickly-
  • Low risk of wear and loosening of the prosthesis-
  • Longer lifespan of the prosthesis

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