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Endoscopic Discectomy

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Endoscopic Discectomy

Hernia, one of the most common health problems today, can be seen at any age. There are many treatment methods for lumbar hernia, which has many treatment methods. Endoscopic lumbar discectomy surgery is one of the most up-to-date treatments.

What is endoscopic discectomy?

Endoscopic discectomy (closed disc herniation surgery) has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it is performed through a small incision without the need to scrape muscle tissue and remove bone tissue. Since it causes less soft and bone tissue damage, less pain and faster recovery are provided after closed lumbar hernia surgeries.


What is the success rate of endoscopic discectomy?

Studies in the field of show that endoscopic discectomy success rate of PESD is 88% in soft disc herniations. Of the remaining 12%, 7% reported moderate satisfaction. 5% required open surgery.

Is endoscopic discectomy painful?

Endoscopic discectomy, causes severe back and leg pain. In addition, other symptoms of endoscopic discectomy are as follows;

– Difficulty maintaining daily functions such as standing or walking,

– Stool, urinary incontinence or constipation,

– If you are experiencing neurological symptoms such as increasing weakness and numbness in the leg muscles,

What is endoscopic discectomy surgery?

Endoscopic discectomy surgery is a closed surgical technique that can be performed with an 8 mm incision. A tube with a camera is passed through this small incision into the herniated disc. Working instruments are sent through the tube that will enable the operation to be performed. After this stage, the operation continues with the endoscopic image-guided monitor.


How long does it take to recover from a discectomy?

Endoscopic discectomy recovery time; patients complain of less pain after endoscopic discectomy surgery. Patients can stand up and walk more quickly. They can leave the hospital and go home the same day and return to work earlier.



Endoscopic discectomy, that is, closed hernia surgery, is a technique as successful as microdiscectomy in lumbar hernia surgery. The risk of scar tissue formation after closed lumbar hernia surgery is also less. Since the spinal structure is not deteriorated and preserved with the endoscopic discectomy technique, patients recover more easily after closed lumbar hernia surgery.

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