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Spine Injections

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Spine Injections

There is other focuses that causes pain in the spine. The joints, discs, ligaments between the vertebra, and muscle tissues can be the resource of the lower back pain. After the determination the resource of the pain, injections can be done for controlling the pain. Spinal injections is the medical term for injections that made to the spine. Spinal injections can be applied to sudden or continous pain in the lower back, back or spine. Spinal injections can be so useful for some situations before or after the spine surgeries. Diagnostic spinal injections can be applied to some complex spine pain to determine the exact area that caused the pain in spine.


In spine injections, imaging techniques like fluoroscopy (portative X-Ray machine that can give images with motion) or ultrasound are being used. The needle is placed in the exact area that causes the pain with the help of those imaging techniques and the injections are made.


Contrast media is injecting in the some parts of spinal injections with fluoroscopy for confirming that the needle is in the correct area. Spinal injections are taking approximately 15 minutes depending on the type of the injection. The process can take longer time if the injection will be applied to different areas as can happen in some of the lower back pains.

What Is The Ingredient Of The Spine Injections?

In the injections that applied for controlling lower back pains, there is cortison inside of the liquid of the injections for decreasing the inflammation and oedema. Also, there is local anesthesia and isotonic serum can be added for increasing the volume of the liquid. Serum with dextrose can be chosen in the injections that are applied to the sides of nerve tissues. In the last years, PRP or TZP is using which acquired from the patient’s own blood and that’s why rich in the trombocyte are applied to spine for lower back pain. Also, stem cell injections are applying in intervertebral discs.

11spine surgery

The place, type, content and technique of spinal injections are determining by examining a lot of factors for each patient like health situation, reason of pain, severity, examination findings, experience of physician, etc.

Medicine that contains cortison and local anesthesia are more using in the sudden and severe pain whereas TZP or stem cell injections are more using for perennial and repetitious lower back pain. Injections can be applied several times depending on the condition of the patient and the problem that causes pain in back, lower back and neck. Radiofrequency current (RF) application is suggested in the persistent and long-term pain of spine. It is possible to block the nerves that causes the pain in spine area for long time with this method. RF application can be choosen especially for long time pain that caused by facet joint calcinosis and sacroiliac disfunction.

  • Epidural injection
  • Caudal epidural injection
  • Facet joint injection
  • Nerve blocks
  • Intradiscal injections
  • Intercostal nerve blocks
  • Ligament and muscle injections
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • RF – Radiofrequency current applications

What Should Be Done Or Known Before The Spıne Injectıon?

Investigations: Before applying spine injections, the patient’s medical histroy is examining like if the patient uses blood thinners, allergic to contrast substance, allergic to any medicine and infection.

Screening: The last spine X-ray, MRI, CT images should be examined before the injection.

Thirstiness and Hunger before the injection: Local anesthesia is generally applied in spine injections. Therefore, there is no need for thirstiness or hunger before the injection.

Use of medicine: If the patient is using blood thinners or recruitment, it should be asked to the physician if it should be quitted or not before the injection. If the patient is taking antibiotics for any infection or if they took 10 days before injection, physician must be get informed.

11spine surgery

Risks: Fluoroscopy and ultrasound using in spine injections have really low risk and so safe. Scarcely, there can be risk sor side effects as in every kind of applications or operations;

  • Really low risk of bleeding and infection risk
  • Allergic reactions to medicine that injected
  • Temporal feeling of numbness and weakness in legs after injection
  • Head ache that caused from irritated meninx area injections

Suggestıons For After Spınal Injectıons

If the general condition is okay after injections, you can go home directly. The patient can be tracked for some time in hospital after some applications. Suggestions are given about incumbent on, should be avoided, should be done in home.

The patient shouldn’t drive right after injections. Therefore, a companion should be there. For 5-7 days, it should be avoided from carrying heavy stuff and hard activities. Appropriate exercise program is done after all of the controls are made. The patient should come to hospital urgently if they have unexpected circumtances like severe head ache, vomiting, pyrexia, redness in injection area, swelling, cumulative weakness, etc.

11spine surgery


The patient can go back to the normal life so easily after having spinal injections for back, lower back and neck pains. There are different types of injections that are selected by determining the cause of pain and the consition of patient. Spinal injections are applied in company with orthopedics spine surgeon by using imaging techniques in Turan&Turan Bone Joint Muscle Health Center.

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